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This is not a self help book…

In The Cross Before Me, award-winning author Rankin Wilbourne and philosopher Brian Gregor offer a provocative perspective on why the cross is not just the way to salvation but the way to the abundant life. Drawing on biblical truths, historical writings, and modern examples they ask,

• What does the cross teach us about how to live a full and flourishing life?
• Why is humility the essential Christian virtue?
• How can suffering bring more peace than success brings?
• How does Jesus’ cross help us reimagine our purpose and ambitions?
• How can the cross, an instrument of torture and death, lead to fullness of joy?

This is not a self-help book. This unique book helps us redefine the good life as we learn to delight in losing ourselves to embrace the life-giving weakness of the cross.


An often-overlooked facet of Jesus’ ministry is that he taught the way of the cross long before he died on one. The Cross Before Me is a lucid, learned, life-changing guide along the upside-down journey to human flourishing. It will inspire and enlighten anyone who dwells in the words.
— John Ortberg, senior pastor, Menlo Church; author of Eternity Is Now in Session
This is an urgent and challenging yet ultimately hopeful book. I know it’s going to help others the way it encouraged me to find life in the way of the cross. Wilbourne and Gregor know that Jesus’ way isn’t popular today. But I’m so thankful they’ve shown us the truth about abundant life.
— Collin Hansen, editorial director of The Gospel Coalition
Rankin and Brian have an uncanny ability to explain deep, complicated truths in a way that almost anyone can understand. The rare combination of intellect and accessibility that they possess shines in this wonderful book. They expand our vision for how the cross not only secures our pardon, but also establishes for us a pattern of life that will lead to freedom and flourishing.
— Scott Sauls, pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville; author of From Weakness to Strength

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